The smoke and grime from the explosion burns Jaejoong’s eyes, but he keeps digging through the rubble, through the pain of the sharp edges cutting his fingers, refusing to let go of a promise to always stick together formed within the desperation of realizing they were all that’s left.

Each blown off limb he finds he tells himself isn’t Changmin because nothing about them proves any do belong to him, and Changmin wouldn’t go like this, wouldn’t accept a death so typical.

Hours later the sun comes up hazy over the horizon and Jaejoong stops because he literally can’t move anymore, can only close his eyes and breathe in and out, shuddering as he falls back in exhaustion into the arms of a promise made and kept.

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UGH i answered an ask on the tumblr app and saved it as a draft, which apparently the app took to mean to delete everything?? kpopepikness requested “yoomin, office AU”. i hope you meant generic office au & not the show D:


A bag from Yoochun’s favorite sushi place landed on top of the report he’d been staring at for the past three hours, the office long empty, followed by Changmin plopping down in the chair across from him.

"One day you’ll slip up and let others witness your weakness for me," Yoochun said, eagerly taking the food out.

Changmin just snorted and pulled out his phone, the one that his assistant forwarded all his important calls and emails to, and pretended to be a good CEO as he kept his eye on Yoochun to make sure he ate everything – the way he did every time Yoochun worked late and would keep doing so as long as he needed to.

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there’s another wooden sword in my pants hey-ohhhhhhhhhhh
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